The Deonte Edwards Project

An Artist's Showcase

Deonte Edwards

New artist Deonte Edwards, a talented young and upcoming music producer has worked with me to develop his web presence. I took advantage of the Web Audio API to provide the basis of a dynamic site with realtime audio spectrogram graphics that add flare. This custom built engine will provide the artist with a web site that will grow with him and entertain his fans.

Wild Side, Inc Online

Wild Side's website is a complete solution that required both back end and front end expertise


I had the privilege to launch for Wild Side, Inc of Los Angeles. Wild Side is a small t-shirt transfer production company that has garnered acclaim within the industry due to over 30 years of excellent products. Project required the creation a complete web ecommerce package built on a Drupal foundation. I started by developing a solid cloud-based backend that includes performance enhancements including CDN integration, varnish based server-side caching, and performance tuning. The front end is based on a catalog style design that Wild Side's customers are used to, but includes modern enhancements such as CSS transitions, transforms, and of course, the site is built in a responsive manner supporting current browsers. 

Ad Campaigns for Wild Side

A selection of Ad Materials I designed for Wild Side


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